Social care services can be defined as supporting and expanding opportunities of certain persons services, thereby improving the ability to lead an independent life.This type servicies can be provided in various specialized institutions or in the community.

Social services are generally based on the notions of social work and thus affect the perceptions of social work and provide a set of support activities having pursuing better quality of life, dignity and responsibility of people based on their own abilities, interpersonal relations and community resources.

Means for providing social care services are two main types according to the world practice of providing social care services for disadvantaged people:

Medical method - Based on the idea that the value of a person can be determined by the extent of its usefulness to society. Aims to provide services, providing individual adjustment of individuals to the rest of society, going through medical rehabilitation. Problems are seen as a consequence of the particular disease. People are perceived as unable to lead an independent full life. Mainly a consequence of this type of understanding is the creation of specialized institutions providing care for people with disabilities.